XB-A Wireless Activator

The Wireless Activator is the main mechanism for transmitting the activation signal that turns on the LumiStar™ in-pavement road marker, the LED Advance Warning Signs or the LED Flashing Beacons.

It combines the latest radio frequency and digital electronics technology to enable power efficient and interference free remote control with a range of up to 1000 feet, line of sight. The activator is typically hard-wired to a push button, which when pressed activates the In-pavement lights, advance warning signs and LED flashing beacons can be activated wirelessly and programmed to any desired blinking pattern.

As it is powered by solar power, this controller is completely self contained and maintenance free for a period of over five years. The Activator is housed inside a NEMA 4X rated watertight enclosure, which also houses the radio frequency antenna.

The Activator is typically pole-mounted, though wall mounting is also an option is invisible and integrated into the enclosure for low profile and minimal chances of vandalism. Various mounting options allow this controller to be pole or wall mounted and the hinged door may be unlocked for quick and easy access and maintenance.

The optional Voice module plays a pre-recorded audio message when the crosswalk road markers, signs or beacons are activated. Multiple controllers may be daisy chain linked to extend the effective range.