Wireless Beacon

The Wireless Beacon is a single head beacon that utilizes high brightness light emitting diodes (LED) to provide a flashing beacon that greatly enhances visibility during day or night.

The Wireless Beacon is typically installed as part of an illuminated crosswalk. Generally operating in pairs and can be installed at the crosswalk or more usually some distance in front of the crosswalk on each approach side. The distance from the crosswalk to the beacon can be up to 1000 feet from the wireless activator.

Wireless control and solar power supply make this beacon an autonomous unit. Blinking rate is programmable and can be synchronized with in-pavement lighting markers.

The Wireless Flashing Beacon can be installed without the in-pavement lighting markers (LumiStar™). However a push button or other triggering mechanism at the crosswalk is needed to send the remote control signal that activates the beacon.

The housing is made of durable polycarbonate material that is UV stabilized. It accepts standard 1 1/2 inch pipe hardware for mounting.

In addition to a single head model, there is also a dual head model. There is no operational difference between a single head and dual head model. The dual head model offers the possibility of having an alternating flashing pattern.