Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the LumiCrosswalk system cost? back to top
The average system cost is $15,000. This includes 10 in-roadway lights, two solar panels, two wireless activators, and two Bulldog push buttons with R62E signs.
How much does the installation cost? back to top
The average system installation cost is $6,000.
Can we install a LumiCrosswalk with our City crew? back to top
Absolutely. No experience is necessary. The installation is very easy. The system is solar-battery powered using low voltage DC so there is no need for an electrical contractors license. LumiCrosswalk can be installed by any enthusiast with a basic set of tools and a core drill. Silicon Constellations will provide the training and installation support. The core drill may be rented.
How long does it take to install a LumiCrosswalk system? back to top
It takes 6-8 hours to install an average system.
Will SCI install the lighted crosswalk for us? back to top
Yes, you can place the order with us for a fully installed system. We can simplify the process for you by contracting and working with one of our preferred installers.
What is the lead time for any required replacement parts? back to top
3-5 days.
How long does it take to install replacement parts? back to top
Our products are designed for easy repair. The in-roadway lights or other exchangeable parts can be swapped out in minutes thanks to the wireless nature of the system. The simple replacement procedure can be found on our Youtube channel. With SCI the high cost of repair and maintenance associated with competing hard wired systems is eliminated.
What is the warranty period on a LumiCrosswalk system? back to top
Our equipment comes with a 5 year warranty.
Does SCI offer a hard wired system option? back to top
No. Given the technological and cost advantages of our wireless system over the hard wired competition, SCI has no plans to design a hard wired in-roadway light.
Does SCI offer a passive detection system? back to top
Yes, we have a directional IR bollard system for those customers that do not want push button activation.
Would a scratched solar window impair LumiStar’s performance? back to top
No, not at all. At the most, the transparency and solar irradiance is reduced by 15% on an extremely scratched window, which could take several years. The LumiStar is designed with that in mind. The solar array in each LumiStar provides twice the power needed for normal operation.
Would debris on the LumiStar solar window impair its performance? back to top
No. The natural and typical amount of debris that collects on the solar window is swept away by the wind and the cars driving over the in-roadway lights. It is normal to find a fine film of dust, motor oil, or other soiling agents on all outside surfaces. The LumiStar is designed with that in mind. The solar array in each LumiStar provides twice the power needed for normal operation.
Can we purchase a pedestrian activated LED sign system now and add the in-roadway lights later? back to top
Yes. The in-roadway lights would be shipped programmed for the existing LED sign system. They work in tandem with the existing signs as soon as they are within the wireless operating range, usually 500 feet. The installation procedure is the same as usual and the in-roadway lights work as soon as they are installed.
What is the LumiStar housing material? back to top
Stainless steel, 17-4 alloy. Designed to withstand HS-20 Wheel Load Testing. The LumiStar has a proven track record of resisting sustained, heavy tractor-trailer traffic as well as extremely harsh weather cycles i.e.; rain, freezing rain, flash flooding and snow.
What is the LumiStar solar window made of? back to top
The solar window is made of clear transparent polycarbonate with abrasion resistive coating. The same material is used for bullet proof windows.
What is the lifespan of the LumiStar battery? back to top
Although LumiStar’s battery is guaranteed for a life span of five years, to date SCI has older generation inroadway lights that have continued to operate for well over 7 years.
What is the lifespan of the LumiStar? back to top
The life span is limited by the rechargeable battery. Although LumiStar’s battery is guaranteed for a life span of five years, to date SCI has older generation in-roadway lights that have continued to operate for well over 7 years.
Is the LumiStar’s brightness level the same during the day and night? back to top
The LumiStar automatically dims as night falls.
How is the LumiStar sealed and protected from moisture? back to top
There are three levels of protection where one is all that is needed. First, the housing made of high precision CNC machined parts is fully O-ring sealed. Second, transparent silicone RTV encompasses the electronics circuit board and rechargeable battery. Third, the electronics circuit boards are conformal coated.
Can LumiStar’s performance be disrupted by other wireless communications in the area? back to top
No, it has never happened since the first system was installed in 2004. Our wireless circuit and protocol are custom designed for maximum safety. The wireless activator sends multiple redundant radio packets in rapid bursts each time a pedestrian presses the crosswalk button. Even if only one of these packets reaches the destination, it is sufficient to activate the whole system. The blinking pattern is stored in the flash memory of each in-roadway light or LED sign. This way only simple “start” commands are transmitted over the radio channel. Furthermore, each of the wireless activators employ the antenna diversity technique. Two separate antennas are hidden inside each XB-A activator or LumiSign. Both antennas are used in order to maximize the survivability chances of radio packets being sent. Radio frequency electrical engineering is the core competency of the founding team at SCI.
Can LumiStar’s performance be disrupted by someone with RF knowledge? back to top
Every radio frequency communications system could be disrupted with intentional interference. However, doing so would be difficult and highly illegal. We are not aware of anyone trying to do anything like that in the more than ten years SCI has been in business.
What is the range of the wireless activator? back to top
The range of the wireless activator is 1000 feet line of sight for pole-mounted products (LumiSign, LumiBeacon) and 500 feet for the in-roadway lights (LumiStar, LumiNova).
How long does it take to recharge LumiStar’s solar battery? back to top
The LumiStar’s rechargeable battery has such a high capacity that it can support normal operation for up to 60 days of bad weather. In the rare occasion that the battery is depleted to zero capacity, it takes approximately 10 sunny days to completely recharge.
How many lighting activations will LumiCrosswalk provide per day? back to top
The LumiCrosswalk can support up to 1000 activations per day. Typical push-button activated systems have only 200 activations per day. Typical IR bollard activated systems have 500 activations per day. The average flash time duration for a two lane crosswalk is 16 seconds.
How deep is the core for the IRWL? back to top
With only 1.5” core depth LumiStar is the least intrusive solution on the market.
Are LumiStar and LumiSign MUTCD compliant? back to top
Has the LumiCrosswalk been Caltrans approved? back to top