LumiNova™ a retrofit solution for established SPOT Devices crosswalks

Tough & Durable

  • Aircraft grade 7071-T6 aluminum.
  • Exceeds HS-20 Wheel Load Testing.
  • Endures extreme weather cycles.
  • 5 Year Warranty, 10 Year Life Expectancy.

Brightest In-Roadway Light

  • Visible from 3,000 ft. in bright sunny conditions.
  • Emits over 3.9 million cd/m2.

Solar Powered

  • Lasts minimum of 30 days with no sun.
  • Only requires an average of 4 hours of sun per day.

The LumiNova is a direct drop-in replacement for existing bases manufactured by SPOT Devices and Lightguard. This reliable, low cost upgrade solution makes crosswalks safer without having to resort to more core drills or saw cuts.

Easy Installation

  • Fits in existing bases manufactured by SPOT Devices and Lightguard.
  • Upgrade an existing crosswalk in just a couple of hours.
  • No saw cutting or trenching between the IRWLs.
  • No service cabinets or large solar panels.
  • No conduit.
  • No electrical license required.

Bicycle Friendly

  • Gentle approach & departure angles for a smooth and safe ride.
Three adapter options:
SK2 — Spot Devices hard-wired (top)
SK1 — Spot Devices wireless (middle)
LK — Lightguard hard-wired (bottom)

Technical Specifications


Height Above the Road
Depth of Roadway Penetration
1.00" (SPOT Devices & Lightguard base compatible)

Light Output

3.9 million Cd/m2
Dispersion Angle
30 X 30
Daytime Visibility
2,000 feet

Rechargable Battery

Reserve Capacity
Min. 30 Days

Wireless System

Frequency Range
2400 – 2524 MHz
Effective Range
1,000 feet

Environmental Conditions

Temperature Range
-20 to +55 °C
LumiNova (PDF)