XBE‐1 Wireless RRFB

Silicon Constellations' Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon complies with the Federal Highway Adminstration's (FHWA) approval for the optional use of RRFBs for pedestrain and school crossings. Studies show the use of RRFBs significantly increases compliance by motorists in 'yield to pedestrian' situations from 8%‐ 20% to 80%‐95%.

The RRFB is a rectangular shaped, high intensity LED, which flashes in a wig‐wag (three/two) flickering pattern. The alternating strobe pattern provides direct, ultra bright concentration as well as wide‐angle intensity of light.

SC has two light bar styles for roads with and without medians. They are easy to install and fit both 2 1/2“ and 4 1⁄2“ OD poles. The light bar's standard finish is either Federal Yellow or brushed aluminum. Custom colors are available upon request.