Lumini™ the most compact and cost effective in-roadway light solution (IRWL)

Tough & Durable

  • Aluminum, 7075 alloy.
  • Exceeds HS-20 Wheel Load Testing.
  • Endures extreme weather cycles.
  • 5 Year Warranty, 10 Year Life Expectancy.

Brightest In-Roadway Light

  • Visible from 3,000 ft. in bright sunny conditions.
  • Emits over 4 million cd/m2.

Solar Powered

  • Smart solar battery controller.
  • Only requires an average of 4 hours of sun per day.

Easy Installation

  • No saw cutting or trenching between the IRWLs
  • No service cabinets or large solar panels
  • No conduit
  • No electrical license required.

Bicycle Friendly

  • Gentle approach & departure angles for a smooth and safe ride.

Technical Specifications


Height Above the Road
Depth of Roadway Penetration

Light Output

4 million Cd/m2
Dispersion Angle
30 X 30
Daytime Visibility
3,000 feet

Rechargable Battery

Reserve Capacity
10 Days

Wireless System

Frequency Range
2400 – 2524 MHz
Effective Range
1,000 feet

Environmental Conditions

Temperature Range
-20 to +60 °C
Lumini (PDF)
LumiStar vs. Lumini