City of Menlo Park

Customer since 2007

The City of Menlo Park currently has four Silicon Constellations' solar powered, wireless lighted crosswalk systems and will install this same system at three more locations within the next few months.

The City has been very satisfied with the performance and the ease of installation of these systems.

The first system was installed at once of the busiest crosswalks in Menlo Park in 2007 and has undergone some upgrades but is still functioning satisfactorily.

Rene C. Baille, P.E.
Transportation Engineer
City of Menlo Park

City of Paso Robles

Customer since 2006

The City of Paso Robles has purchased a total of 9 lighted crosswalk systems from Silicon Constellations, between 2006 and 2015.

We are extremely pleased with the performance of the in-roadway lights as well as their flashing signs, and not to mention that they are extremely bright.

Our maintenance crew likes the equipment because of its low maintenance requirements.

When replacement parts or support has been needed over the years, Silicon Constellations has been responsive and delivered to our satisfaction.

They are doing the intended job of slowing drivers down when the system is flashing.

Ditas Esperanza, P.E.
City of Paso Robles

Sycuan Casino

Customer since 2008

We have purchased multiple Silicon Constellations products over the years and have had a wonderful experience each time with the service provided and quality of the product.

Sycuan feels that our property is much safer for our guests with Silicon Constellations' lighted crosswalk systems.

The product has always worked as advertised and Silicon Constellations' team has been professional and very informative advising us on best placement and uses of their systems.

I would happily endorse Silicon Constellations for anyone with pedestrian safety concerns.

Mitch Bradley
Transportation Manager
Sycuan Casino